Meet the depressed porn chicks

UPDATE: Some dumb fuckboy made a documentary about us: “The Sad Girls of the Mountains“. If you really want to want to watch it: You have been warned.

We are Selma, Tess, Lara and Momo. Depressed chicks astray. The saddest political group in the world. The four of us retreated into the mountains to turn our backs on the patriarchy and let ourselves sink into the depths of self pity. We sustain ourselves financially by making sexy little videos.

Our inaction is our political weapon: We’re talking the depression forced on us and throwing it back against the situation that created it. Depressed apathy cripples the system, letting it atrophy. Procrastination unto communism. Let other people deal with the world revolution. We’ve got a sick note.

Tell us when the world has a free society. We’ll get high and chill in the mountains and wait until things finally get better.