Monday: Reading circle

“Floating on the water; looking peacefully at the sky, being, nothing else, without any further definition or fulfilment” – Adorno enthused of a free society. Until then, we’d rather chill in the mountains.


Tuesday: Porn shoot.

Old ruins. Was kinda dirty and hard and meh. Now we’re covered in these awful scrapes from the ground. #DoItForTheArt!


Wednesday: shark week begins.

Our cycles have synced, bringing camaraderie to the camp.


Donnerstag: Re-education clip.

We’re shooting a feminist educational video with added erotic content, for the clicks.


Friday: Bathing day.

Was fun. Still, if we wanna laugh, that’s what the cellar’s for.


Saturday: Post for our patrons.

Hand signed, with a kiss. Anybody who pays more than €50 gets a worn pair of panties. Vacuum-packed.


Sunday: Lazy day.

Browser games, getting K’d up, scrolling Insta-feeds, complaining about the emptiness of human existence in late-stage-capitalism. Early night.