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Do it like Aya ❤ Start your own sad girl gang today!


Okay, so here’s the deal: We’ll smile when the last cis-hetero fuckboy is hanging, castrated, from the lamp post. How’s that, sweetie? Still, thanks for the flowers.


You break our collective heart. Sending you a salty kiss into your den of despair.


Thanks, Spiralena, you ray of sunshine. Your style is stable too. If the cold sweat of depression ever catches you: we’re waiting for you in the mountains.


Olaf, best man. With tear streaked makeup we stand to attention at your side.


Yeah, we’ve lost control of our lives too.


A cure for our sadness? You mean… the end of capitalism?


Uhm thanks, but no thanks, pimples. We’d take the cute cat though (and fatten it on smoked salmon).

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